9 Identities

by Art738

9 identities Zoita, Gina Ster, Roman Tolici, Alma Redlinger, Valeriu Mladin, Matei Enric, Jan Albu, Mirela Iordache, Carmen Paiu. The 9 Identities which gathered on the 18th of March at the French Institute, with regards to Armelle le Saint Dezauzie, the curator and organizer of the exhibit.

Yes, we made the news!

by Art738

interview on TVR1 On Thursday, we were on national TV, very proud and very happy.

Zoita in “Tranzitoriu”

by art738

Zoita in tranzitoriuOur ART738 colleague, Zoita, together with Matei Enric (a very good artist, friend of the group), came up with a very interesting exhibit, and the first of many in a place called The Lobby Contemporary Art Space.

Live Art in Fire Club, powered by Grolsch

by Art738

grolsch live art We've been in Fire and got enrolled in the Live Art contest sponsored by Grolsch. The idea was simple: they printed a bottle of Grolsch in the middle of a canvas and gave us red, green, black and blue markers, to come up with a visual description of the Grolsch world around it.

“Free Art” camp Copsa Mica

free art camp We've spent 6 days in Copsa Mica, for a street art camp, the first of its kind in Romania. We've had at our disposal a whole bunch of banners left over from the election campaign, that we covered with street art in all forms: stencils, graffiti, drawings, paste-up-style, painting and so on.

“Forest man” project

by zoita

forest man project

Variations project

by zoita

variations project

The Journey of a Thought

by Ginaster

journey of a thoughtI like to think that everything is as we make it, even if it looks good or bad. That we are responsible for what happens to us and our choices make us what we are.

In a cage & Inevitabile fatum (totentanz)

by Gabiagu

in a cage / inevitabile fatum

Jimbolia Art Camp

We've had a busy summer. For 10 days (Aug 3 - Aug 13), we've been to Jimbolia (near Timisoara) for an Art Camp. While there, we painted, visited Serbia and Hungary, read old newspapers (at a press museum), had fun and met new people.

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