Volcano getting mad with Dark and Gina Ster

I like painting alone and project my ideas about the world on the canvas or on anything else, but I also like very much to make different art works with my artist friends, because it is very inspiring and it feels like there are more of our kind in the world.

As I have a very nice artist friend called Dark who is very dear to me, and he likes very much to stencil the city, we decided to meet in Cismigiu to paint the 14 meters panel specially put in place for crazy artists. Crazy in a good way.

So, at 8am, we were there ready to enjoy a day of painting. Unfortunately, that particular day of the summer was pretty hot, so at 4pm we decided it was done. But we had a great time and being in a park and painting with all the people crossing by and looking, it’s pretty challenging. You should do it, too!

Here are some pictures: