The Sparrow

by Gina Ster

The Sparrow The girl in the ruins and her story in Museo della Memoria di Santa Margherita di Belice. A painting made by Gina Ster.

Women and dreams – powered by Avon

by Art738

Campaign for respect against the domestic violence Six Romanian artists are supporting the Campaign for the Respect against the domestic violence.

Gina Ster’s Telling stories to the Trees – Tete a Tete

by Gina Ster

Gina Ster's Telling Stories to the Trees ... Also it's about me, exhibiting 5 of my paintings, very dear to me.

The war between some alien people and the robot with Robot and Gina Ster

by Gina Ster

The war between the robot and some alien peopleOn the 10th of July, me and my anonymous friend Robot, we decided to put a war in the world.

Volcano getting mad with Dark and Gina Ster

by Gina Ster

Volcano getting mad with Dark and Gina Ster I like painting alone and project my ideas about the world on the canvas or on anything, but I also like very much to make different art works with my artist friends, because it is very inspiring and it feels like there are more of our kind in the world. So, as I have a very nice artist friend called Dark...

I am – Washington Exhibition

by Art738

I amThe Embassy of Romania to the United States partnered with the online art gallery Atelier Mix and the Cleveland Park Neighborhood Library to exhibit, in Washington, the artworks of 16 young contemporary Romanian artists.

What’s on my desk

by Gabiagu

the mighty chaotic desk of gabiagu A lot of designers that showcase their work environment have very neat and orderly workspaces. Mine is far from that :). And I made an illustration to prove exactly that.

Art738 Exhibit / Bologna, Italy

by Art738

Traces exhibit in Bologna Today, in Via del Pratello 96A / Bologna, we are inviting people to have a taste of Romanian Contemporary Art and check out Art738 exhibit in Bar Osvaldo, today, April 27, at 18:00 pm. The exhibit will be open the entire month of May.

The Artist of the Month: Gina Ster

by Art738

Artist of the month at The Lobby: Gina Ster The Lobby Contemporary Art Space is showing at its premises the artist of this month (April 2011): Gina Ster. She presents her project "Signs in Shadows" until the end of the month.

Signs in Shadows

by Art738

Ginaster at the Lobby - Signs in Shadows project More of Gina Ster, our colleague at the Lobby Contemporary Art Space. This time she comes with her complete project called "Signs in Shadows"

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